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Gaining Market Share is about being omnipresent. Having a strong digital marketing strategy to compliment the rest of your efforts is critical today. I invite you to a conversation with me to see if one of our programs would be a good fit for you.

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I founded BSM Vault in 2017, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs and sales leaders in the mortgage and real estate sector, to grow and scale their businesses using smart digital marketing strategies. It is that special sector focus, combined with a will to succeed and a passion for customer experience that has driven BSM Vault to where it is today.

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Yahoo Finance

“Alex Caragiannides, founder of BSM Vault, is pleased to announce the launch of The Automation Sales Machine, which is designed to help professionals in the Real Estate and Mortgage industries grow their businesses by capturing and converting more leads online into sales and boosting their social brand awareness.”

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“Alex has created an effective online platform that enables Realtors and Mortgage Professionals to reach thousands of consumers. Alex is committed to staying connected to marketing trends and implementing new technologies daily to help his clients stay current and cutting edge.”

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