New LinkedIn Features to Get You Leads

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LinkedIn is launching new features for Pages designed to help businesses generate more leads, keep their employees engaged, and access more data!

New LinkedIn Pages updates include:

  1. Lead Gen Forms in Product Pages
  2. Ways to measure the impact of employee advocacy on content engagement and reach
  3. Ways to share content among coworkers in the “My Community” tab

Lead Gen Forms for LinkedIn Product Pages

The LinkedIn Product Page was introduced last year. It’s a tool that acts as a business page for a specific product. For example, if a business sells a popular product that customers enjoy discussing online, the LinkedIn Product Page allows them to do that.

Now, these product pages can be used to collect customer information through Lead Gen Forms. These Lead Gen Forms are normally an advertising feature, but now businesses can use them in product pages for free! They allow a call-to-action that users can respond to with pre-filled forms. The user clicks on the call-to-action link and boom! The form is populated with details from their LinkedIn profile such as name, contact info, company name, job title, and location. These forms can be used to collect customer information in exchange for a coupon code, a free download, or anything of similar value to your specific audience.

Now is the time to utilize these! Product Pages have only been available since December and many companies still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. The ability to use lead gen forms for free may be just the ticket to creating pages for individual products as well as marketing a company page.

LinkedIn Stories Update for Pages

Heard of the swipe-up feature? Added last month, it’s a cool way to draw attention to products through stories and makes it that much easier for consumers to purchase goods while scrolling through their favorite brands’ daily story updates.

The swipe-up is not available to all personal accounts, but it is available to all Pages. If you aren’t currently using this feature to market webinars, products, newsletters, and so on then start! It could also be an effective way to boost referral traffic.

Updates to the “My Company” tab

A good leader knows it’s not all about the consumer. The “My Company” tab within LinkedIn Pages has been updated to create a space for admins to keep employees engaged with the content. A new tool called “Recommend” allows Page admins to curate organic content and suggested trending articles (much like BuzzSumo) which employees can then reshape and share through a “Content Suggestions” tool. Studies have proven that employees are more likely to engage with and share content when it’s from their own company. Why not provide them a quick and easy way to engage with their individual networks? Sounds like a no-brainer.

While they’re at it, LinkedIn has added a new analytics section within the “My Company” tab to help businesses measure the impact this new feature has on content engagement and reach to give us more of a one-stop-shop vibe.

As always, let’s not forget about the features that have been at your fingertips that you should be using in addition to these new updates. We’re talking about: Live Videos, Polls, Post Reactions, and the Organic “Carousel” or “Marquee” posts. All of these are unique to the platform and can be curated to reflect the individuality of your brand. By combining all of the tools LinkedIn has to offer, you are sure to set your business up for success.

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