7 Ways to Increase your Mortgage Conversion Rate by Leveraging Social Media

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Social media is at the heart of building an even better mortgage business. With over 3.48 billion social media users in the world, it’s the prime environment for you to see your business grow. With the helpful tips in this blog post, we’ll explain how you can increase your conversion rate by using social media to its full potential.

  1. Optimize landing pages

Your social media landing pages are simply the destination that social media users first engage with when they arrive at your website. Think of it as your first impression to potential clients for your mortgage business.

As such, it’s important that you know what you want your landing page to be for. Are you hoping to generate leads from that landing page, or is it a click-through? Optimize your landing page by designing it with your specific needs in mind. This may involve testing your headlines, streamlining your campaign objectives, or optimizing your lead capture forms.

  1. Use influencer marketing and user-generated content

The great thing about social media and your mortgage business is that you don’t need to do all the work! Influencer marketing simply cannot be ignored as a powerful way of engaging with potential new customers.

Studies show that 95% of customers would rather trust the recommendations of other social media users than they would brands. You don’t have to break the bank—micro-influencers with a few thousand followers are a great choice for you to expand the reach of your mortgage business.

Similarly, don’t forget your clients’ content! Posts or photos that tag you and talk about your mortgage services are a sure-fire way to get people interested in your business—just make sure to ask permission to repost!

  1. Use video posts and video-based ads

Recent research suggests that our brains process videos 60,000 times faster than they do text, meaning that video is an excellent way to engage with your potential client base.

Video testimonials are a fantastic option for demonstrating the impact of your brand to other potential customers; you’re tapping into that 95% of people who trust other social media users. Alternatively, you can make short, interesting videos with a lead capture early on in the video, so you can take advantage of having a potential customer’s attention.

  1. Run contests and promotions

Making use of the content your clients generate, it’s also a great idea to tap into the opportunities that social media provides for contests or promotions. Not only does this produce user-generated content that you can then use in the future, but it also allows you to expand your database through email collection, or increase your followers on a platform.

Plan in advance with clearly defined goals, and this can be a great source of engagement for your business!

  1. Know your audience and platform

Knowing who your audience is and what kind of content they’re looking for is integral to using social media to your advantage. You should be able to understand your audience’s persona (age, location, income, etc.) and how your business can help their mortgage needs. Surveys and insights provided by your social media platforms are a sure-fire way of understanding your audience so you can tailor your content to them.

Similarly, know your platform—make sure the social media platform you’re using is really the best for your business needs.

  1. Have a clear value proposition

In short, a value proposition is a thing that gets clients interested in you; it’s the solution you’re offering to their problem. Make sure you’re articulating on social media how your mortgage business is relevant to clients’ needs; how they’ll benefit from working with you; and how you’re different from other brokers.

  1. Perform tracking and analytics

It seems obvious, but this really is the best way to understand your social media performance and the areas you can improve in. Check-in on your conversion rates, and ask yourself questions about the kinds of posts you’re producing and the platforms you’re using. Social media is an incredible tool in the mortgage business, but you have to be analytical about your performance to really get the best results.

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