Mortgage Marketing Ideas 2021 – How to Increase Your Online Engagement

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So, you’ve set up your business-specific social media accounts. You have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help market your Loan Officer services to the masses, and you’re ready to convert window shoppers into profitable mortgage loans. How do you actually get your audience to engage with you on those platforms?

That’s what we’re here to solve, today. We have three pro tips to help you increase the amount of engagement you see on social media and with other online tools such as email; which in turn sets your business up for success in the future.

Share Your Community Endeavors

Now more than ever, people want to spend their money on products and services that are provided by companies that do more than just focus on the bottom line. They want to support companies that make a positive difference in the lives of others.

To encourage individuals with this mentality to engage with your business, you need to prove to them that your company does more than just offer mortgage services; it cares about the community.

Utilize social media to share pictures from community volunteering events you’ve attended, fundraisers you’ve managed for a good cause, and other ways you’ve benefited your community besides simply feeding into the local tax revenue.

Gather and Utilize User Information

Information is your most powerful weapon when it comes to marketing, and there are many ways you can gain access to the information you need to make massive strides as a Loan Officer.

For example, designing and releasing a survey allows you to learn more about your clients’ experiences, satisfaction levels, and how they believe you can improve your business model. All of this information can be used to further improve your business, and eventually, your customer satisfaction rating. Businesses of all kinds receive much more engagement online when their previous clients are satisfied and their reputations are positive.

You can also create high-value content that is locked behind an information wall. For instance, if you want to post an in-depth guide to how mortgages work, you can offer it for free while requiring readers to submit their email address and name before they can read it.

This allows you to add them to your email marketing, learn more about who you should be targeting with your advertisements, and other things that will prove imperative to creating and marketing content and services that elicit online engagement.

Maximize Email List Effectiveness

If you’ve successfully built an email list, you have a massive tool at your disposal to drive engagement. You just need to use it properly.

First, you need to develop a consistent rhythm in which you send emails. Sending them infrequently will likely cause your email list to lose interest and stop paying attention when your emails appear in their inbox. However, if you send too many emails, you might find them unsubscribing from your email list, or worse, growing annoyed with your business.

Try to send an email once every two weeks to avoid either of those two extremes.

Second, you need to create emails that are engaging and provide value to the recipient. When you craft an email for your email list, you should include valuable information that benefits them, imagery that grabs their attention, and engagement-driving marketing content.

For example, if you want to send an email to drive your email list to your mortgage sight, include an image that grabs their attention, use a catchy subject line, write content that capitalizes on their pain points when it comes to mortgages, and then close the email with reasons as to why your LO services can relieve their pain points; along with a link to your website so they can engage.

Don’t make all your content marketing based, though. Frequently use your scheduled email to simply touch base and nurture your relationship with the recipient. It will go a long way towards encouraging them to engage with you.

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