Mortgage Marketing in 2021 – How to Grow your Network using LinkedIn

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As a Loan Officer, you need a network built on strong connections to watch your business grow. You can use various social media platforms to achieve this goal. However, in this ever-changing business world, LinkedIn is going to be one of our most recommended ways to build those vital connections you need.

So, we have put together this guide to show you how to maximize your LinkedIn profile’s reach and engagement, making your business skyrocket in the process.

Become an Authority Through Content Creation

First and foremost, the content you post to your LinkedIn account is the first thing of value that your network and prospects see before they interact with you. Most of the time, it is what encourages them to engage in the first place.

So, you need to ensure that you provide content that brings real value to the reader while also building your reputation as an authority on the topic.

Consistently posting content that your network and page visitors can gain valuable information from will entice them to join your network, engage with you in meaningful ways, and ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate. Your content should be the focus of most of your efforts on the platform.

Build Your Profile

Beyond your content, prospects and peers want to know what you bring to the table before they bother to engage with you. A blank profile, or a poorly crafted one, won’t give them the information they need to know that you are worth their time and effort to engage with.

Luckily, LinkedIn’s business-oriented nature has led the platform to design resume-style profile forms. Essentially, it works like Facebook, but instead of adding life events and relationship statuses, you use that portion of your profile to highlight your successes and credentials as an LO.

We recommend providing a list of your successes and current/past projects and including brief stories that your page guests can refer to and instantly gain an understanding of the accomplishment. It makes them much more likely to form a business relationship with you or even enlist your services.

Target Your Networking

You want to network on LinkedIn, but who you network with is just as important as doing it in the first place. You should be attempting to reach out and connect with professionals in the mortgage industry. They are far more likely to engage with you and build a relationship. They will be open to partnerships and other beneficial deals once the connection is built significantly enough.

Potential prospects should also be on your list of people to network with.

Meeting prospects and enticing them through your content and profile information works as free marketing with a higher chance of converting prospects than more hit or miss efforts as online ads.

Group Networking

LinkedIn has several groups targeted towards mortgage professionals, and participating in those groups provides many benefits for you.

First and foremost, you will almost instantly gain access to other professionals you can build relationships with. However, while that is the main focus, you can also learn from these groups and find new ways to grow your business.

The catch is that you can’t expect your relationship with any of these groups to be one-sided. You will need to participate in group activity and contribute in a meaningful way. Failing to do so will result in lackluster networking and perhaps even soured potential relationships.

Utilize Imagery

Creating compelling and valuable content is one of the essential parts of growing your business via LinkedIn, but if that content isn’t read or engaged, your efforts are fruitless. To quickly solve this issue, you need to implement high-quality imagery into your posts.

By selecting an eye-catching yet relevant image to pair with your post, you will draw the eye of page visitors and peers. They will be much more likely to look further into the content you’ve created.

This is invaluable. It takes your carefully created content and hooks the reader before they see a single word.

Stay Consistent

Finally, do all of these things consistently and often. With a busy work schedule, it can be challenging to upload content daily, respond to messages and post engagement, or interact with the platform. However, if you stick with it, you will see the growth you are looking for in no time.

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