How to Use Google Ads to Generate Leads

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When it comes to closing the deal and securing new customer acquisitions as a mortgage and real estate professional, you must learn more about where your ads are reaching your market. Too often, we base our marketing choices on trends and data that support large numbers of views. We overlook the most important metric: conversion rates. Are your ads reaching people who will act, or are they falling on indifferent eyes?

Advertising your business on traditional platforms may not be the most effective way to reach customers who are willing and ready to buy. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may place your ad in front of many eyes, but those eyes may be focused on a large amount of other information. They may be viewed, but are they really seen?

Google Ads Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Focus on your Audience.

The most important thing you can do to make sure that your Google Ad works effectively is to focus on your intended market. Using high-traffic keywords and establishing a clear purpose for your ad will get your business in front of more people looking for your service. Targeting specific groups will help your business be the first to stand out with people ready to commit.

Don’t: Use Broad Keywords.

If you try to advertise to everyone, you will often end up paying to promote your services to people who are not even in the market for a mortgage. Broad keywords will put your advertisement in the wrong spaces. You will fail to increase your conversation rates when trying to obtain new customers.

Do: Fill the Gaps.

Another critical factor in optimizing your conversion rate when using Google Ads is to identify a space that is not being filled by your competitors and take advantage of it. It will allow you to fill specific niche searches that your competitors are not filling. With Google Ads, you will be competing with only a handle of other advertisers, not thousands. To gain more clicks, you need to stand out from the crowd by appealing to the market that your competitors are not. Try specifying your ad to a specific profession or sub-category of the population that your competitors are not targeting.

Don’t: Try to Appeal to Everyone.

Trying to appeal to everyone who searches for your services is not an effective way to obtain new clients. Generic ads may oversaturate the market. If you run a broad campaign, you will fail to stand out from the crowd.

Do: Build Trust.

When writing your advertisement, make sure that you are carefully analyzing the tone or the feeling that your audience will feel when they see your ad. When searching for a large commitment like a mortgage, buyers are looking for a service they can trust. By writing your ad with this focus, you will stand out from the crowd by showing your potential market that they will be in safe hands when using your service.

Don’t: Pander

Pandering to an audience that is looking to make a large commitment will drive away customers. Don’t write your ads to please your audience. Buyers looking for your service most likely know what they are looking for. Show them that you are their safest and most professional choice.

For mortgage and real estate professionals, Google Ads is the best way to reach possible clients when they are ready for you. Raise your conversion rates by getting your ad in front of the people who are already looking for your service. Gone are the days where your ad sits unclicked on a website. Google Ads takes luck out of advertising, making your marketing budget worth more.

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