PROS and CONS of FB Ads

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Gone are the days when Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals could establish a great business and be satisfied that the quality of service would be enough to acquire new clients. This is the new digital media age. If you want your business to be successful, you must embrace digital media marketing. How do you get your business on one of the most widely viewed digital media platforms in the world? By using Facebook Ads!

Pro: Reach the Widest Audience in One Place

2.7 billion active users on Facebook make it the biggest platform where you can get massive exposure. The high traffic on the site will surely get your ad in front of many eyes. The average user stays on Facebook for a minimum of 38 minutes per day.

Utilizing Facebook ads will put your business in front of tons of people for an extended period. Growing your business requires getting your ad in front of as many people as possible, and Facebook ads are the best way to supercharge your business.

Con: Loads of Other Content

When using Facebook, your possible clients are presented with loads of information. Notifications from their timeline, their friends, the pages they like, and the groups they are in will consume the majority of the average user’s attention. Although many people will view your ad, these users are usually already doing something else. They may not be compelled to click on your ad.

Your ad must grab attention and quickly establish trust so that the many people who view it will feel comfortable clicking on your ad. If you are looking for high conversion rates, make sure you spend the proper time creating your ad campaign that works.

Pro: Precise Micro-targeting

Facebook’s mass amount of user metrics and data make it is easier than ever to get your ad in front of the possible clients who will take action. Facebook ads allow you to target the specific subgroups of potential clients you may be looking for.

Reach possible clients of a certain age or a specific career. You can also target users based on the other content that they have recently viewed. Micro-targeting specific people will yield a better conversion rate so you can turn those mindless viewers into active customers.

Con: High Competition

With 2.7 billion active users, Facebook is a popular place. It also means that it is an extremely competitive place to advertise services. Many other businesses that are similar to yours may be attempting to reach the same audience. Your ad will have to compete with other ads and content that fill the same space. If your ad does not stand out, it may get lost in the crowd.

Facebook Ads are a great way to get your business in front of as many eyes as possible. Growing your pool of potential clients is easy and effective with Facebook ads. With social media marketing dominating the field of client acquisition, Facebook Ads may be an effective new home for your mortgage or real estate business.

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