How to Grow a Healthy Mortgage Leads Database

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The average Loan Officer can handle at least twice as many leads as they’re currently getting. The problem is, they can’t seem to pull in enough leads and build a profitable lead database to work from. Much of this has to do with their tactics, not being as effective as possible. But like many things in life, that can be changed with a little effort and some high-quality guidance.

Traditionally, the most common way to build a database is to connect with real estate agents and their peers to pick up work. However, that is not a time-efficient method. Many Loan Officers end up failing before they’re capable of fully realizing the potential of all their hard work.

So, we’re going to run you through the best way to build that lead database and start pulling in a full workload.

With digital marketing, you can bring in new clients without building all those relationships over the years. You have to do it right and win potential clients over. So, here’s how to do that.

Develop Expert-Level Site Content

You can’t expect new prospects to trust you if your website is littered with low-quality content. Every piece of copy you publish on your website should be professional, engaging, and to the point. Anything less will make potential prospects jump to a new site and take their business with them.

We recommend hiring a professional copywriter for all your copy needs to ensure that your content is up to par and highly targeted. This, along with some simple proofreading for minor grammar mistakes and accuracy, will ensure that your content provides real value and establishes you as an authority on the topic.

Make it Easy on Site Visitors

Few prospects have the time or patience to scan over your website laden with over the top advertisements, irrelevant information, and annoying call-to-actions.

The goal of your site should be to relay information about your service, entice customers into engaging with your service and provide them with the tools necessary to begin a transaction with you. Everything else is clutter or likely to be annoying.

Here are the things you need to take care of:

  • Remove Calls to Action: Calls to action are great, but they need to be handled properly. A site visitor doesn’t want every paragraph of information to end in “Call us today!” or “Contact Loan Pros for a free consultation today!”

It comes off as annoying, and it detracts from your content. Try to place calls to action in the appropriate places and use subtle, less in-your-face language.

  • De-Clutter: It’s tempting to try and jam everything onto your most viewed landing page, but that detracts from the prospect’s experience. It will likely make them go elsewhere. Remove content and side interactions that don’t directly promote the overall goal of a particular landing page. It makes the page easier to read, and it’s more likely to resonate with potential prospects.
  • Make Conversion Easy: Do not give new prospects a massive pile of paperwork to fill out to put them in your pipeline immediately. It bothers people who don’t have a relationship with you. Instead, ask a few questions, relay some necessary information. Once they’re on board, you can start gathering the information you need to implement them into your pipeline fully.

Value Content

Even if people don’t know about you, you can get your name out there by providing valuable content. For instance, creating a highly informative blog covering the loan process and relevant news can bring people interested in loans. Those will likely turn into conversions as you gain their trust by providing the information they need instead of just selling a service.


Finally, your site’s content needs to be search engine optimized. People won’t directly look for your business. They will search for loan officers and content pertaining to loans and mortgages. By utilizing SEO guidelines, you can bring your site to the top of their Google results and increase your chances of being seen in the first place. We recommend hiring an experienced professional because keywords and content layout will be highly important for this purpose.

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