Mastering The Close

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In the real estate industry, it’s very easy to fall off in the beginning because you’re inexperienced and pressured by the fact that there is no guaranteed income going into your bank account. But that can all change by the way you carry and present yourself on a day to day basis. It’s important to be consistent in your daily routines and be proactive in your community.


The most important thing in real estate for clients is definitely the journey that they encounter during the process. The experience needs to start from the very beginning, possibly even before meeting them in person. One strategic way to get yourself out there is by running ads on social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook so that your farm area knows who you are. Yes, running ads may cost you money but if you target only a certain zip code or the community that you decided on farming it’s becomes a lot cheaper.

When you are able to schedule an appointment with the potential clients, it makes it a lot easier to close the deal because they most likely have seen you somewhere on their social media sites. This makes you a trusted source going into a presentation because you’re not a complete stranger to them. Some transactions are smooth like butter while others can be hard as ice, that’s why regardless of how the process goes you must always stay consistent with your work ethics and character.

Be The Neighborhood Expert

Your appearance is only half the battle when it comes to real estate, and that’s mainly because the other half has to do with how educated you are in the community. Real estate clients prefer working with someone who’s knowledgeable in all aspect of a real estate transaction as well as being the neighborhood expert. It gives you an upper hand when you know what new developments are coming in or even when the local farmer’s market occurs. It makes it a lot easier for you to close a deal with a client when you pretty much know everything that’s happening in the community because your up to date and current with your information. Most people are attached to their home as they are to their neighborhood and by being able to connect with them on this level it creates a different type of experience for the client.

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