Dominating Your Market With Organic and Paid Leads

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The real estate industry has always been infested with realtors and it always will be. A majority of realtors that have their license do it part-time and that leaves a bad name for those who do it full-time because the part-timers tend to not provide their clients with the best service possible. If that’s the case, it’s important that you dominate your own market by fully investing in yourself. The only way to make this happen is to provide brand awareness in your community to outshine all other agents.


To dominate your market, the first thing you must do is gain organic leads from the Internet. This process is only made possible if you already have a website that allows potential clients to contact you for your services. Organic leads are the best because you’re not paying anything to get people to your website. For example, if someone Google “best real estate agent” and they ended up to your page from that search then that’s considered an organic lead.


Although the organic method is a cheaper option to get leads, it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re not paying then you’re probably not going to make it on Google’s search. Google requires a few guidelines requirements to make it on their search and one of it has to do with money. The more money you’re willing to invest in yourself, the greater of a return you will get. Paid leads can come from many sources such as Facebook Ads, Google Search, or even Zillow to name a few.

You can guarantee getting leads from using these methods, but many realtors tend to forget what to do once they get their leads. The magic answer, follow up. It’s fairly simple to do and most agents forget to do so. This is the best duo to use because the leads that you get are warm leads because they must have opted in some type of campaign you created through your ads. In case you didn’t know, a majority of the leads that you receive are not ready to sell or buy a property within the next few weeks, but they can be in the next few months or so. This is why following up is important because it shows that you care and the clients will remember the bond you created with them in beginning which gives you a higher opportunity to having a deal with them later on.



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