Communication Essentials

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If you ask a professional businessperson for one recommendation in running a successful company, they would probably say good communication. Without being able to communicate efficiently and effectively, it will likely cause the organization to corrupt. There are so many different ways in today’s generation to communicate that it’s pretty much impossible to not have the ability to contact someone.


Face-to-face communication is the best method of communication because each person is physically present, thus allowing for a strong and meaningful relationship to form. The best thing about face-to-face conversations is that both parties have the ability to read off each other’s signals through facial expressions and body language. This allows people to be present and have actual human interactions with each other.


Given our busy schedules, it is understandable that it is not always easy to be present. The power of the Internet has given us the opportunity to communicate with other people from all over the word. Not only has the Internet played a role in how we communicate, but with the advanced technology improvement that has been implemented in our phones, laptops and tablets, it has made an impact on how we all communicate today.

Apps like FaceTime, Skype, and Snapchat, to name a few, has made it much easier to communicate virtually through our electronic devices. This is the closest form of communication that allows both parties to video chat with one another. This has made our lives so much easier because we can still visually see someone who’s not physically present.

Social Media

There are times when communicating on social media can be effective because sometimes you can guarantee that your message will get to your client quicker than a phone call or email. Depending on the type of relationship you have with your employees and clients, it may or may not be an asset to them adding you into their personal lives.

One new feature that Facebook offers is the ability to go Live. Going Live means that you can broadcast a live video from your electronic device and communicate with everyone on your friends list. This is a great way to market not only yourself but also the product and services you have to offer. People will be able to write a message during your live broadcast, which also creates engagement and that is essentially what you want!

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