Having An Attitude Of Gratitude

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Have you ever considered gratitude being as important to your health as nutrition? It’s quite possibly true if you take a second to think about it. When your mind is at a positive state of being thankful and appreciative you tend to eat healthier, experience more energy, have deeper friendships and perform better on the job. If you want to become successful in life, you must learn the practice of gratitude.

Write In A Journal:

Regardless of what your current status in life is, if you’re ready to live a life of gratitude you should start writing it down in a journal. Try giving yourself a 30-day time frame to see the progression of your gratitude. You want to make sure that when writing down what you’re thankful for that you make it specific. During the beginning phrase of journaling your gratitude you will notice that the context may start out simply, but when you begin adding stories and color to the journal it makes your journal more powerful.

“A University of Southern California study found that writing five sentences about one thing you’re grateful for is more effective than writing one sentence about five things you’re grateful for. Study participants who wrote in detail reported feeling more energetic, happy, alert, and excited than those who wrote generalities.”

Talk About It:

Although writing your gratitude in a journal can relieve a lot of stress, you need to take it a step further by being able to talk about it.  Make it a habit to talk about all the things you are grateful for throughout the year because it will make an impact in your life and those who are surrounded by your positivity and gratefulness. By adapting this type of attitude to your daily routine, you’ll be able to see the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude.

When you open up and share your feelings with others it creates a chain reaction, which causes them to also open up to their peers as well as you. Honesty goes a long way and when you are capable of building trust with people, it builds a relationship that is unstoppable. It’s also important to share your gratitude to those who have affected or made a difference in your life.


It doesn’t take much work to take a few minutes of your time in a day to meditate about what you’re thankful for. You should try and focus on finding the spirit of thankfulness during your meditation. When you have found the spirit of thankfulness, start identifying people you are thankful for and bring them to your mind. The world that we live in goes by so fast that sometimes we just need to slow down and appreciate everything that’s given to us. As the saying goes, “count your blessings”.

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