Creating A Clear Vision for Success

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Having a vision should be the number one priority when it comes to planning a goal, whether it’s personal or business related. When there is a clear vision, you will eventually attract the right strategy. Stay in your lane and be focused because if there’s no clear vision then there won’t be any strategy to save you.

Don’t Strategize Without a Vision

When you strategize the how too early, you start to second-guess the vision and it limits your ability to think for the best outcome. Negative thoughts that come before the vision will be a big impact because you’re already seeing defeat before it unfolds.

It’s important to have a clear vision because if you’re able to see the benefits it will give you motivation to get to the finish line.  Your vision needs to be big and produce opportunity for growth. If it’s not compelling enough, you’ll lose sight and motivation for it.  For example, if you see yourself closing more deals this year than you did last year then go for it. Don’t think about how the market or competition is going to affect you because you’ve been there before. See pass all the negative thoughts to allow a clear vision and you can guarantee yourself another successful year.

Embrace the Vision by Yourself First

A vision starts with you because it’s what you see and believe in. One way to embrace your vision is by being alone with a pen and notebook so that you can jot down your ideas. It’s important to keep all interruptions away (e.g. cell phone, television, emails, etc.). Your visions will provide direction that helps prepare for the future and also act as guidance for decision-making. Depending on what type of vision you are enduring, it may take different obstacles to get there.

Get Feedback

It’s always a great idea to get feedback from your sphere of mentors. Their input can help you make slight adjustments to perfect your visions. Feedbacks are important because you need to understand every aspect of your vision regardless if they are negative or positive.

Make sure that you carefully choose the right individuals to get feedback from – those that that have solid experience and insights. Strategize on if the feedback will conflict or compliment your vision.

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