Lead Generating From Farming

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Regardless if you’re a solo real estate agent or on a team, farming is a key factor in how many transactions you close in a year. A simple mistake realtors make is by trying to farm too large of an area such as a county rather than a specific community. Only farm an amount you can handle because farming will be costly and time consuming.

Traditional Door Knocking

In the real estate industry, mailing out printed materials has been the norm for most agents because it allows the prospecting to be less time consuming. Although it saves you time, the cost of this method can increase rapidly because stamps can be costly. Most of those printed materials are likely to head right into the trash.

I believe that the most effective way to deliver your printed material is by actually door knocking homes in the community. During the door-knocking process, it’s important to educate and give value to the people in the neighborhood because you want to leave a positive impression to the stranger of how personable you are. Do not sell or offer anything because that will turn off the future clients immediately. The point of door knocking is to get your face out there and create interactions with people so that they can be familiar of you.

Out the Ordinary

Another method of farming is by doing things out of the ordinary. The point of farming is to specialize in a specific community and offer value to clients, in hopes of potential business in the future. Branding your business is a great way for people to recognize you in the neighborhood.

Try sponsoring a little league team where their jersey’s can have your logo printed on it. Parents, coaches and other people will see your brand and are more likely to support a company that supports their child. By sponsoring a little league team, it makes you more personable and builds a relationship with those who are around the players.

Be Consistent

It’s important to follow up with everyone that you connect with throughout your farming process. What’s the point of putting in time, effort and money into your business and not checking up on your contacts? For those contacts that you received emails or phone numbers from, it’s recommended to input their information in a CRM system because it will create automated tasks and workflow for each contact to follow up on.  There are many ways to follow up with your contacts such as email, text message or even a phone call. Being consistent with your contacts will build a stronger relationship and when time comes to selling their home, they’ll most likely list with you.



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