Listing Presentation Skills

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How much effort have you put together for your listing presentation? Most agents don’t realize it, but a listing presentation is basically a job interview between the agent and homeowner. The presentation will act as your resume and guide you on why the homeowner should give you a chance at listing their home. Here are a few key strategies to place into your listing presentation.

Market Update:

Every client wants to know that you’re well educated about their community and can list their home for the best value.  In order to prove to them that you’re an expert of the area, take some time to include information regarding recent homes sold in the area. By doing so, it will provide them with an idea of what their house could potentially sell for. Also, it is a good idea to include any new developments or projects that is coming soon in the community to try to increase the desirability of the homes. When the clients are educated about possible new developments in their neighborhood, it gives you the opportunity to be a super agent because most agents won’t take the time to inform these homeowners.

Marketing Plan:

Having a marketing strategy is what’s going to define what type of agent you are. In your listing presentation, this section will determine if you’re going to get the listing because here you provide the homeowners with the techniques you believe will get their house sold. During the presentation, educate the consumer on your process of marketing to convince them that the methods work.

One marketing strategy that should be presented is the ability to market their property with the use of the Internet. The capability of social media gives the property endless amount of opportunities to be in the eyes of potential buyers. Social media outlets will be utilized to be a consistent representation of their home, which can be distributed to local, national and international audiences.

Another type of marketing strategy that needs to be presented is target marketing, where you will host open house events at the property to get quality or potential buyers.


Professional Photography

Be sure to inform the clients that you will use professional photography because an iPhone picture will not cut it. A client needs to feel that their home is represented to its’ best ability because you can be listing a home that this client has lived at their whole life. This is also a great opportunity to present any professional photos from your past listings.

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