Prospecting For Realtors

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What are the chances of you getting a listing by sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring? Slim to none. When you’re working in the real estate field, prospecting is a key factor to making money. Many agents don’t like putting in the hard work to generate leads because it’s out of their comfort zone or they’re just simply lazy. Here are a few prospecting tips that work as long as you stay consistent with hard work.


Gather your friends and family because the first transaction you make will most likely depend on them. Ask for any potential leads that they can refer you to because most people who are looking to buy a home are usually referred by mutual connections. Make sure you let everyone know you’re a real estate agent to get the most exposure as possible. When given the opportunity to prospect these hot leads, be sure to always follow up at least on a monthly basis.

Build An Online Presence

The Internet has played a major role in how real estate agents prospect today. It has produced endless amount of opportunities for those willing to adapt to the change.

One way to begin building your online presence is by creating a real estate website that displays your strengths, current and past listings and by having endless amount of content that is useful for your potential clients. It’s important to have blogs and articles that will answer any questions a visitor might have when they go on your website. Understand that building a website only brings traffic to your content and you’ll need to make sure to convert these visitors into contacts.

In order to convert the visitors into contacts, you must create a lead-capture form by offering visitors the option to sign up for a monthly newsletter that has new market updates or even a downloadable guide in helping their home search. When you capture the e-mail provided by the visitor, use this information to reach out. The email you receive is now a warm lead instead of a cold lead making it easier to contact those who are interested in what you have to offer.

Social Media

Social media outlets are a great resource in real estate prospecting, but the quality of the content you post will determine the impact made by your followers. As an agent you don’t want to overwhelm people with your listing on a daily basis because it will get to a point where it’s annoying. Post content that is relevant and informative for your audience.

Build a reputation on your social media outlets to gain people’s trust. This can be done by posting quality content of your community, real estate related articles and what your business offers. By producing valuable information to your social network when it’s time for anything related to real estate, you’ll be the first on people’s minds.

Cold Calling

Sadly to say, the one thing that many realtors fear the most is cold calling. From years of experience, cold calling is the best method to generate leads.  Not everyone is comfortable in cold calling but with the new methods of prospecting online, it creates a warm list for you call. Real estate is a numbers game; so the more calls you make the better the outcome.


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