Digital Marketing For A Realtor

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With the prominence of technology and the digital world, if anyone is not utilizing this as a tool to enhance their business, they are losing a large client base that they can reach.

As much as any other business, realtors also need a presence in the digital world to reap the maximum benefits that the market has to offer. Real estate giants in the 21st century attribute up to an 80% increase in their client base to the use of the internet as a marketing tool. Digital marketing broadens the horizons of businesses. With the use of search engines, social media, websites, emails and mobile applications a business can mature a lot faster than before.

The market for real estate is dense, and with more than 400,000 realtors in the business, you want to be seen and build your brand. You need to make a place for yourself as a definitive real estate provider. So, how can you use digital marketing to your advantage?

To start, you can create a digital marketing plan. What platforms to use, where to advertise and how to get your content recognized. Here are a few steps that you can take to ensure a solid footprint for your business.

1.     Create a Website

You want to work on the first impression. As soon as someone logs on to your website or visits your domain, they should get the impression that you mean business and an enticing professional website can do just that.

There are other ways to attract real estate clients through IDX provider, which allows you to gather information regarding the people visiting the page in search of the property. SEO-based content can be an excellent way of drawing attention to your website and services. You can create separate pages dedicated to each neighborhood where you offer your services and use keywords for local SEO.

2.     Advertise

With digital marketing, the advertisement is no longer constricted to inserts in the local publication. You can advertise your expertise at the websites that most realtors use, such as Trulia and Zillow. Plus, you can always use Facebook to create pages for your properties and the neighborhoods you deal in.

Another excellent option to drive traffic to your page is search engine optimization. Create content that will lead your potential customers straight to you and provide the information you need. You can also get help from social media platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, to advertise your properties and the excellent services you provide.

3.     Real Estate Leads

You can always create a landing page that facilitates interested users. You can also add options that allow the potential client to get notifications. Moreover, you can add a live chat or a click-to-call option on your website and introduce an app for people looking for property in a specific area.


The idea is simple. There is a world of possibilities for your business to prosper. With the use of digital marketing for realtors, the key is to be consistent and use every possible feature to your advantage. You can learn more about how digital marketing can help your real estate business prosper by talking to a professional.

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